Female Sports Model

  • Yoga pants & tight long arms top the belly is fund round, with sport shoes.
  • Dress wear with glassy round
Female Sports Model Attire Expectations:
Theme wear Round:  As a MW Sports Model we require female competitors to bring a creative , and glamorous theme wear to the stage.  Different ideas may be Victoria Secrets Style Glamour , Vegas Show Girls, this round should not become confused with a sportswear  theme round. This is definitely a very creative and glamorous round for the female delegates to display their beauty and conditioning
Female Sports Model :
Any color pattern and style. As it is conservatively presentable. First Round for pre Judging should wear  tight pants
The blouse of the belly is found.
Sport shoes . Contestants for the Female Sports  Model category are being judged on their sense of style, poise, overall beauty and stage presence as well as display a fit and toned physique. Female Sports Models will be expected to walk on stage in particular pattern which will be explained at the athletes meeting the evening prior to the competition (t walk style walk).
Competitors must be able to present themselves in a classy feminine and tasteful way that is marketable. There will be 2 categories to this competition which include:
  • Round #1: Theme-wear round, prejudging show (example: Tight Pants & Top with long or short arms style theme wear must compliment the competitors physique. See above suggestions  Pictures )
  • Round #2:  Final dress up with high heels(5-6inch 10cm to 12cm) shoes round
This category is judged based on a 40/40/20 split. 
  • 40%- Overall Marketability
  • 40%-Body Tone
  • 20%- Stage Presence, Poise, Confidence
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Shows Entry Criteria:


  • Ages 14-18 (Teen) eligible to participate in this contest
  • Ages 18-23 (junior) eligible to participate in this contest
  • Ages 23-25 (Young Adult) eligible to participate in this contest
  • Ages Master +35 & +40 & +50 eligible to participate in this contest
  • Open Classes for All Ages eligible to participate in this contest
Contestants from all around the world are eligible to enter in any MW event with this category

SPORTS Model Search Rounds and Descriptions:

Round #1 Yoga pants and long or short arm Nylons Aerobic top. with Sports shoes.Final Round 2 dressed with style 5- 6 inch heels Glassy  match your attire
All Female contestants must wear a 2-piece Yoga Pants , Nylons &long or short arm Aerobic top, and high heels 5-6 inch classy shoes that compliment the contestant.   with thongs, lace lingerie, nylons or aerobic clothing. Each contestant will perform a t- walk or runway walk both are to be prepared and practiced. (one time only) and exit off the side of the  stage. No constant posing or dancing will be permitted. Music will be provided for all contestants. Judging will be on healthy body tone, shape, beauty marketability and overall stage presence.
Round #2 Couture Round – Model dressed in an outfit that is stylish; Polished, sleek and trendy.
Couture Round:
Contestants are required to wear an outfit in black, white or color combination. Too much print is not advised on clothing as it  may become distracting.  Each contestant will be permitted to enter the top of the “T”, walk it”s length (one time only) and exit off. Each stage design will be different.  Standard runway music will be provided. No bouncy or constant posing is allowed. Contestant Judging will be on poise, posture, personality, projection, runway techniques and the ability to walk and turn gracefully.
All contestants must wear a cover up in all public areas during the competition. Disqualification may occur if contestants are found in open areas not dressed appropriately.

Event Finalists:

For each event  3-5 finalists will be selected ( depending on the size of the category) to participate in the most Glamorous show on earth in …..for the grand prize.

Men’s Sports- Model

Male Sports Models are to show their physical attributes that project a fit and healthy lifestyle, a lean, well-proportioned, toned and healthy looking body is the look that is wanted.

Male Sports models will be required to perform a runway presentation in the competition rounds listed below. Models will also be required to perform quarter turns for the judges. There are no weight limitations for this category.

Round #1: Beach wear/Swimwear round

Square cut spandex style swim shorts are the suggested choice for Male Sports Model contestants (see example pictures below).

Round #2: Runway Round Evening wear

All male contestants are required to wear formal attire. Jeans and a t-shirt are unacceptable, and will be marked down. All males are expected to present themselves in a runway style fashion for this category. Couture GQ style dress is suggested (see example pictures below).

The Muscle Worlds will be judging males on their masculine style, marketability and stage presence. Male models will also be judged on their ability to display their character, style and self-confidence.

Marking Criteria

Competitors are marked on physique, stage presence and overall marketability.

Other Information

Tanning – The official tanning company is Fitness Tan.  Fitness Tan have developed a specific formula for Muscle Worlds shows worldwide to ensure all competitors have correct tan for the WBFF judging criteria. Traditional contest tans are too dark for the Muscle Worlds judging criteria.

See the Competitor Information section for more information.

Competitor numbers – Will be given out at the athletes meeting the evening before. Buttons should be placed on the left hip in order for judges to read competitors numbers clearly. If you are in two categories you will use the same number for both categories.

Music – Is not needed for any Female/Male Model categories or Figure categories. Music will be provided.

Age Requirements –

  • Ages 14-18 (Teen) eligible to participate in this contest
  • Ages 18-23 (junior) eligible to participate in this contest
  • Ages 23-25 (Young Adult) eligible to participate in this contest
  • Ages Master +35 & +40 & +50 eligible to participate in this contest
  • Open Classes for All Ages eligible to participate in this contest


More information – All competitors receive a Competitor Guide containing all details regarding competing in the show once registered online.

2. A category can only be run if there are not less than 5 athletes. If less than 5 athletes, the category will be combined with the next taller class, wherever possible.
In case of categories with less than 5 competitors, no titles and medals will be awarded (more details in General Rules, Art. 11.33).
Article 4 – Rounds
4.1 Men’s Sports -Model will consist of the following four rounds:
1. Prejudging – Elimination Round (Quarter Turns, gymnastic shirt and shorts)
2. Prejudging – Round 1 (Quarter Turns, Comparisons, gymnastic shirt and shorts) 3. Finals – Round 2 (Quarter Turns, gymnastic shirt and shorts)
4. Finals – Round 3 (Individual Presentation, casual sport wear)